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Powder Coated Calipers Now Available for your Classic Ford & Mopar Brake System Powder Coated Calipers Now Available for your Classic Ford & Mopar Brake System

LEED Brakes now has Powder Coated Caliper options for your Classic Ford or Mopar Brake System. Click Here to check for more information!


Power Brake Upgrades for Factory Drum Brake Ford Cars Power Brake Upgrades for Factory Drum Brake Ford Cars

LEED Brakes has developed a new series of power brake kits to allow you to easily add power brakes to your 4 wheel drum brake car. The kits we have developed are easy bolt on kits that include everything you need for a smooth and easy installation. Its time you enjoy your ride again with the luxury of power brakes! Click Here to check for more information!


Brake Pressure Gauge Kits Brake Pressure Gauge Kit by LEED Brakes

Save time and money with the LEED Brakes Brake Pressure Gauge Kit. Quickly and easily diagnose your vehicles brake issues and fine tune your system for optimum performance.

By checking your brake pressure at the caliper or wheel cylinder you can determine for:

Proper Master Cylinder bore size, Master Cylinder & Power Booster function, Mechanical vs Hydraulic issues, Faulty Proportioning Valve, Front to Rear Brake Bias & Much More

Kits include:Brake Pressure Gauge,5/16-24 Adapter,3/8-24 Adapter,M7x1.0 Adapter,M8x1.25 Adapter,M10x1.0 Adapter,M10x1.5 Adapter,Instructions & Solutions Guide.

Click Here to get yours today!


Compact10 Power Brake Boosters for 67-72 C10 Trucks GM Compact10 Power Brake Boosters

LEED Brakes has redesigned the power brake boosters for 1967-72 Chevrolet & GMC Trucks! A sleek more compact design allows for better clearance with aftermarket wheel wells and larger engine configurations. Power brake boosters are available in 7 in and 8 in dual diaphragm configurations with 1-1/8" bore master cylinders. Finishes include yellow cadmium plating with cast iron master or full chrome with an aluminum master cylinder. Kits are also available with disc/drum, 4 wheel disc or fully adjustable proportioning valves.

The diagram below shows the new Compact10 booster in comparison to a booster using stock power booster brackets. As you can see the Compact10 booster is a more natural angle and three inches shorter than a stock style booster....Read More


GM 10 Bolt Rear Disc Brake Kits for 3 bolt flange axles GM Rear Disc Brake Kits

This rear disc brake kit is a direct bolt on to the popular GM 7.5” & 8.5” 10 Bolt axle equipped with a 3 bolt flange. In this aftermarket brake kit you will receive 54mm calipers with built-in parking brake, 11.25” rotors, brake hoses, caliper mounting brackets and all the installation hardware you need. The caliper brackets are designed to give you the option to mount the caliper in 2 different clock positions to best suite your vehicles needs. All base kits are upgradeable to add MaxGrip XDS rotors, braided hoses and Red or Black Powder coated calipers. All kits are designed to fit into most 15” and larger wheels......Read More


1966-75 Ford Bronco Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Ford Bronco Front Disc Brake Kits

LEED Brake is proud to announce the launch of our 1966-75 Ford Bronco Front disc brake conversion kits! Designed to bolt on to the factory knuckle with no cutting, or drilling. Many aftermarket disc brake kits for this application make you grind a significant amount of material off your knuckle to fit, with this design we eliminate all of that. Our 2 piston caliper and 12” rotor has the clearance needed to be a direct bolt on and even work with stock or aftermarket hubs! Big Stopping power that fits in a 15” or larger wheel! Kits are available in Spindle Mount, Manual or Power......Read More


1955-64 Bel Air / Impala Front Disc Brake Kits

LEED Brakes is excited to announce the release of our 1955-64 Chevrolet Impala Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits! Our kits are designed to bolt on to your factory drum brake spindle for easy installation. The braking performance comes from the big 72 mm single piston GM calipers on 11" rotors. All kits will fit into most 14x7 or larger wheels. Many options to choose from, select your kit today!


JEEP Rear Disc Brake Kits

LEED Brakes is excited to announce the release of our Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits for Jeep Dana 35, Dana 44 and Chrysler 8-1/4 Rear axles. The conversion kits are designed to bolt directly to axle housings with no modifications. Each kit is made to be a direct fit to your vehicles axle with parking brake provisions. Each kits includes precision machined caliper mounting brackets and spacers with a rust resistant zinc plating. All calipers are assembled with a 54mm single piston with a built in parking brake. The caliper also receives a zinc plated finish for rust protection. Every caliper is individually tested after assembly to ensure you receive a top quality caliper ready to work out of the box. All kits include all the necessary mounting hardware and complete instructions to make for an easy installation....Read More


Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pumps

LEED Brakes is excited to announce the release of our Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pumps. With a rotatory vane design these pumps are some of the quietest pumps on the market! Installation is a breeze with a simple 2 wire installation. We have already done the hard part by pre-wiring the switch and relay onto the unit. We have 3 styles to choose from, the Naked Bandit, the Black Bandit and the Chrome Bandit. The Naked Bandit is designed to fit into a tight concealed area of your vehicle.Both the Black and Chrom Bandit are assembled in an ABS Plastic housing to replicate a vacuum canister. This gives you the look of a factory vacuum canister with the power of a pump. Check out the full details here!