About LEED Brakes - Aftermarket Brake Parts & Conversion Kits

Since 2004, LEED Brakes has carved a unique path in the aftermarket brake industry. What began as a supplier of brake components evolved into a leading manufacturer of complete, high-quality brake solutions for classic cars. This transformation was driven by a clear vision: empowering owners with the best brakes and expert knowledge to keep their beloved vehicles safe and on the road.

To achieve this vision, LEED Brakes assembled a dream team of industry veterans and experts. Together, they built a robust infrastructure encompassing inventory management, quality systems, manufacturing capabilities, deep brake technology expertise, and top-level data management.

But for LEED Brakes, it's not just about offering the best products. It's also about fostering a community of empowered enthusiasts. That's why we share our extensive knowledge through resources and support, ensuring safe installations and an overall exceptional customer experience.

LEED Brakes is more than just an aftermarket brake company. It's a passionate collective dedicated to preserving the spirit of classic cars, one safe and satisfying experience at a time.

Learn more about LEED Brakes in our video below