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The LEED Brakes Bandit series vacuum pump provides an efficient, quiet, and vibration-free solution for your brake vacuum assist needs. The Black Bandit electric brake booster vacuum pump used in our kit is a rotary vane style pump which is 60% quieter than the noisy piston style pumps on the market today. The Bandit series vacuum pump is also 30% more efficient, giving you the required vacuum in less time, which extends the life of the pump and makes your ride much more enjoyable.

Each brake vacuum pump is pre-wired and tested on the assembly line to ensure a trouble-free and easy installation. Installation is a breeze with a 2-wire power hookup and base-plate mounting template.

The Black Bandit vacuum pumps are concealed in a patented Black canister. With the Black Bandit & Chrome Bandit, you do have the option to remove the pump assembly as one unit from the canister, turning it into a Naked Bandit to be mounted in most tight spaces.

Dimensions: 7-3/4" Tall, 6" Diameter Housing, 6-3/4" from mounting bracket face to outside of the housing.

If you're tired of a rock-hard power brake pedal or you simply want a quieter solution with an easy installation, give the LEED Brakes Bandit Vacuum Pump a try today.

See how the Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pump compares to a traditional noisy "piston style" pump. Product Patent D870,618
Pricing: $399.95
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The LEED Brakes Bandit series vacuum pump offers an efficient, quiet, and vibration-free solution for enhancing your brake vacuum assist system. The Black Bandit electric brake booster vacuum pump, featured in our kit, employs a rotary vane style pump that is 60% quieter than traditional noisy piston style pumps. This innovation not only reduces noise but also improves efficiency by 30%, providing the necessary vacuum more quickly. This efficiency prolongs the pump's lifespan and enhances your driving experience. Every brake vacuum pump in the series is pre-wired and undergoes testing on the assembly line to guarantee trouble-free installation. The process is made simple with a 2-wire power hookup and a base-plate mounting template. The pumps are discreetly housed in a patented Black canister. For those requiring a more compact solution, the pump assembly can be removed from the canister in both the Black Bandit and Chrome Bandit models, transforming it into a Naked Bandit that fits into tight spaces.

Dimensions: 7-3/4" tall, with a 6" diameter housing, and extends 6-3/4" from the mounting bracket face to the outside of the housing.

For enthusiasts facing the challenge of a hard power brake pedal or seeking a quieter, more efficient braking solution, the LEED Brakes Bandit Vacuum Pump is an excellent choice. This product marks a significant advancement in brake system technology, offering a superior alternative to the outdated and noisy "piston style" pump.

Transform your braking experience with LEED Brakes' Black Bandit electric vacuum pump kit, designed to enhance brake responsiveness and consistency across various driving conditions.

If you're tired of a rock-hard power brake pedal or you simply want a quieter solution with an easy installation give the LEED Brakes Bandit Vacuum Pump a try today.

Product Patent D870,618


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New, Quiet Vacuum Pump by LEED Brakes Gets Our Attention!

"If this is not your first time around the block building a vintage street machine or muscle car, you know at some point you'll get to the fork in the road where you either make a concession in the horsepower department or dig deep in your pocket for a workaround to having no braking power. At the crux is the engine vacuum, which provides the oomph needed to stop your ride safely. As the power level rises, the camshaft gets bigger, and the vacuum signal available to power a vacuum booster simply disappears. Your choices at that point are..." Read More

See how the Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pump compares to a traditional noisy "Piston Style" Pump.



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Finally, brakes.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

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Product ownership: Less than 1 week

Not purchased from: LEED Brakes

I have a fully restored 1971 Z28 Camaro, that does not make sufficient vacuum to operate the brake booster. I would stomp on the brakes and couldn't get the brakes to lock. Just driving in normal traffic, the pedal was never good and sometimes would give me that hard pedal feel, like you've just lost your brakes. I installed a vacuum can last year but it didn't really help. I purchased the Black Bandit pump last week and installed it the day it arrived. Installation was straight forward with all the necessary hardware included in the kit. The pump housing is big and heavy so if you want something inconspicuous this might not be what you are looking for. With the installation complete, I turned the ignition to the on position. I wanted to hear the pump without the engine running, and I could. It's not loud but is audible. Once I started the car and pumped the brakes a few times to activate the pump again, I couldn't hear it at all. I took the car for a road test and at 20 MPH slammed the brakes. They locked! For the first time, I was able to lock the brakes. It feels great knowing that you can stop the car when you really have to.

My Brakes work Great!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 1 month

Not purchased from: LEED Brakes

I just completed the installation of the "Black Bandit' power brake vacuum pump on my hot rod last week. It works great. Over the winter I had changed from an 11" brake booster to a 9" booster for valve cover clearance and also put a more radical cam in the engine. The first drive of the car after those upgrades had the brake pedal being very stiff with seemingly no boost for the brakes. My 'Line Loc' would not hold the front brakes. After installing the "Black Bandit" on my car, the brakes work great and the 'Line Loc' holds the front brakes like they're suppose to. I like how quick the pump builds vacuum and how quiet it is. My next hot rod will have one of your pumps on it as well.

I should have bought this years ago!
  • Currently 5/5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Product ownership: Less than 1 year

Not purchased from: LEED Brakes

 In 2020, I rebuilt the engine in my 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo to include a high-lift camshaft which helped it produce ~400 horsepower. Unfortunately, a cam like that doesn't produce much vacuum at idle which is a problem when driving in heavy stop-and-go traffic. In other words, the engine couldn't produce sufficient vacuum for the power brake booster when run in those conditions. Furthermore, my car has vacuum actuated servos to direct air flow in the HVAC system and the cruise control servo is also vacuum actuated. I should mention that this car is still my daily driver. I looked into various solutions to address this problem and ultimately put together what worked best for my application – a high-performance personal luxury daily driver.
 My solution was to install a LEED Bandit vacuum pump with an auxiliary vacuum storage canister. I chose the LEED unit because it's quiet, powerful and self-contained. The all-in-one design made installation easy and tidy. The instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. For my application, I drilled and tapped the mounting bracket to accept the bolts for the fuel vapor carbon canister then installed the pump in the space created when I deleted the carbon canister. The pump draws a lot of current so I wired it to a dedicated power relay. I mounted the auxiliary vacuum canister with gauge on the wheel well between the pump and the brake booster. I plumbed the vacuum line from the pump to the canister and from there, via a T fitting, one line goes to the cruise control unit and one goes to a 4-way manifold; one is pump/canister vacuum, one is engine vacuum via a one-way check valve, one is brake booster, one is HVAC. I wish I could post photos to illustrate my installation.
 I've been running this for ten-months and have been delighted with the results. All the HVAC servos operate without hesitation, the cruise control works better than it has at anytime in the 40-years I've owned this car, and, it should go without saying, the power brake booster never suffers from a lack of vacuum. I no longer have to sacrifice some creature comforts or safety in favor of horsepower; I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. I go to a coffee and donuts morning cruise on Saturdays and owners of some of the other cars at the cruise have asked me about my setup whereupon I give my endorsement of the LEED pump.
 M.V., Feb. 28, 2024

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